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Spinners (More designs inside)

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Dimensions: 14.5”

May be displayed indoors or outdoors

Spinners will be shipped flat with instructions to fan them out.

Spinners will come with swivel hook for easy hanging.

All our items are made from  12-22 gauge steel for better quality and visual appearance.
Only ships to the USA.
Made locally in Poplar Grove, IL
Colors may vary slightly from pictures, if you are looking for a color we don’t have please message us & we will try to get what you are looking for!
All signs are powder coated for durability and longevity

Will be ready to ship within 3-5 business days!

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Warning: This piece has sharp edges and is not intended as toy for children!  Parental supervision advised when interacting with this product.


*** Disclaimer***

Each of our pieces might have a flutter or imperfections to them.  We believe that is one of the reasons why we categorize our items as works of art.